"There is a paradigm shift in methodology for branding and marketing.

Teachers at business schools do not know which course materials they should base their teaching on.

We offer an effective launch and relaunch process of brands based on the latest in adaptive tactical marketing.

Nordic Distribution through market leading omni-channels."


Our Services

- Exclusive Distributor of SUPRA® Headphones
- Sales & Premium Brand Promotion Services
- Media Intelligence & Influcencer Marketing
- Omni-channel Retail Marketing Strategy
- Selective Distribution
- Innovation & design
- Trendspotting

Our Markets
New Market
Clone Market
Existing Market
Resegmented Market

Our Methodology
Rational sales process (RSP)
Rational unified omni-channel process
Rational product development process
Isolated assortment strategy (ISP)

International Network
PTR - Proven Track Record
World Wide strategic communications